Providing Hope By Giving


2019 Donations:

  1. CASA of Madison County- Richmond, KY 
  2. Build Inclusion- Lexington, KY 
  3. CASA of the Bluegrass- Danville, KY 
  4. Fostering Families Today- Los Angelas, CA 
  5. New Beginnings Foster Care- Louisville, KY 
  6. CASA of Fayette County- Lexington, KY
  7. Fostering Family-Austin, TX
  8. The Foster Care Council- Lexington, KY
  9. Four Specific Teenage Children- Georgetown, KY

    2020 Donations:

    1. Family Of Batt. Chief Johnnie Jacobs- Georgetown, KY
    2. One Specific Teenage Child- Nicholasville, KY
    3. All God's Children- Nicholasville, KY
    4. Thrifty Studio/ The Foster Care Council- Lexington, KY
    5. Scott County High School- Georgetown, KY